Jim Burns has been interested in monster trucks as a fan for quite awhile, and after meeting Devastator driver Mark Schroeder at a show, Burns decided to take the plunge and build his own truck. With countless hours of help from family, friends, drivers, and crew, Mechanical Mischief was born in Rockford, Illinois (photos below from the first test session in 2006).

Burns ran a light schedule to get the bugs worked out of the truck in 2008, and has grown each year since to a strong performing professional monster truck team that he built from the ground up. Burns works in a transmission shop in his home town and is working on building the Mechanical Mischief name while staying true to his hardworking roots.

“I’ve been able to do all of this so far because of my friends, family, and those closest to me,” says Burns. “I’m hoping to get my name and the truck’s name out there the more we run, and hopefully everything will turn out well!”